Heaven was inspired by the possibility of bringing the listener to that place after death or in life where one experiences peace. It is a tribute to my teacher Swami Satchidananda who passed away in August 2002. Twenty years ago he asked me to make an album to help people become peaceful and relaxed. This is my tenth flute recording following his advice, and is a fond farewell to the incredible soul who gave me and the world so much peace. May you capture a glimpse of his greatness in this music.

Alto and C flutes, recorder, glockenspiel (Radhika Miller), piano, marimba, accordion, dumbek, shaker (Tony D’Anna), cello (David Darling), mandolin (Peter Rowan), tamboura (Leslie Curchack), acoustic guitar (Chip Dunbar).

1. If I Could Fly
2. Spring
3. Dancing Dirge
4. The Star of the County Down
5. Prisoner for Life
6. Joy
7. Offertoire
8. My Lagan Love
9. A Scotch Lullaby
10. Heaven’s Dawn
11. Soaring
12. Open the Window, Noah
13. Song for Gurudev
14. The Cliffs of Dooneen
15. Floating Dreams
16. Blue Heron’s Plea
17. Meditation
18. Heaven